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Facing Your Shadow
Online Course

UX/UI Design      Art Direction      Web Design      Branding

We surpassed our goal of enrolling 504 students by enrolling 891 students ending with $172,590 in revenue


Key Visuals, Wireframes, Marketing Funnel, Social Graphics, Video Graphics


UX/UI Design, Art Direction, Web Design, Graphic Design


Sketch, Illustrator, Photoshop, WordPress, InVision


Facing Your Shadow (formerly called Shadow Course) is an 8-week online course featuring Caroline Myss; an American author of books and audiotapes about mysticism and wellness & Andrew Harvey; a British author, religious scholar, and teacher of mystic traditions.  Together, they created a course that deep dives into the archetype, the shadow.  Our job was to create new branding and marketing materials to promote this course.

  • Uplevel branding for a fresh look & feel 

  • A/B Test social graphics & step into Tik Tok content

  • Enroll 500+ students 


Mood boards & Concept Development

Chosen Concept

Key Words: Shadow, Deep, Moody, Darker Side of the psyche, Unconscious Forces, Archetypal patterns, Inherited, Rooted Behavior


Unchosen Concepts

FYS-PortfolioMoodboard-3 copy.jpg

Key Words: Moody, Shadow, Wilderness, Ancestral, Dark & Wild, Truth Seeking, Strength, Courage, Transformative

Concept SummaryI read that the 'Shadow' can appear in different forms via a person's dreams & visions. It could be visualized as a snake, monster, demon, dragon, etc. These depictions are rather dark or could be considered 'Bad'. I want this to be a visual representation of all the negative or unconscious behaviors a person could hold...repressed thoughts, weaknesses, hate, etc. The Serpent or snake will be in the background...a figurative shadow. I'd like a hawk to be in front of it representing strength..the one who can make the choice to capture the snake as prey once it's discovered. The shadow must be uncovered to bring in the light or history repeats itself. 


Key Words: Into the light, Symbolism, Shadow, Illuminating, Wilderness, Transformative

Concept SummaryOne of the most literal & naturalistic symbols of light and dark, The Sun and Moon. Both are inevitable. Both illuminate. Both create shadows. The light in both settings can be used as guidance or wayfinding to get to the place you are looking for.


Key Words: Into the light, Shadow, Deep, Moody, Guided, Illuminating, Wilderness

Concept Summary: This concept plays closest to the original funnel... the dark woods that expose the light. Almost the feeling of an enchanted forest. You have walk through the woods to get to the light. Grow through what you go through. You cant let your shadows take control of the wheel. You need to dig deep to recognize them to know how to control them when they present themselves. These visuals look dark but I want the light to illuminate through the woods


Key Visuals

Design Intent

This concept is a bit deep and dives into the darker side of the psyche. The shadow Archetype shows up as unconscious patterns, addictions, triggers, etc. and contains things you might not even be aware you are holding. Those 'things' are all unacceptable attributes such as: envy, greed, prejudice, hate, aggression, etc. In this concept, I wanted to represent the shadow as a dark presence within a human figure incorporating dark, grungey textures and ink blots from a Rorschach test (a test used by psychologists to tap into a person's perception).  Within the shadow, there will be some sort of path to the light.


Style Guide

I created a branding style guide that will be used in conjunction with the chosen KV to define the course and marketing materials look & feel. It contains: headline font styles, color palette, background images, a section mockup, quotation styling, social graphics & iconography  

Completed Campaign

UI Design & Marketing Assets


Below is the opt-in page design for desktop which offered access to a free, 3-video series teaching from Caroline Myss & Andrew Harvey 


Below is the sell page for desktop, tablet & mobile which features everything the course has to offer in hopes to encourage the user to purchase.



These ads were a lot of fun becasue I was able to create unique deisgns riffing off the original keyvisual artwork & tierchiary brand elements. We also had the opprotunity to A/B test graphics to see which imagery landed better with the audience. Test A included the key visuals and Test B was Caroline Myss' headshot. Historically, her image usually outproforms since shes a very popular teacher in the wellness space. To our suprise, the imagery of the key visual (test A) out performed the authors well-known headshot! 

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