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Sounds True Website Redesign

UX/UI Design      Art Direction      Web Design

We took a modular approach for future agility of marketing, design, and development


Art Direction, Homepage Design, Topics Icons, Webpage Images


Art Direction, UX/UI Design, Web Design, Graphic Design


Sketch, Illustrator, Photoshop, Figma


After Sounds True’s completion of its web infrastructure technology cutover in 2019, our next phase of work was to completely redesign the UI and UX of our website. This included creating a fresh look and feel for the site by incorporating our new branding as well as enhancing the layout/design of our Home and About pages, upgrading our collection pages, and improving our product page templates in Shopify. We also used strong UI design and UX principles to help tell our brand story and cohere to our collective mission as a multi-media publishing company to attract and retain new customers and authors.  


BVA is a commerce agency that incubates and grows direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands. During this project, BVA helped support us with some design work, UX strategy, front-end development, third-party application integration, and deployment of the final implementation to the Shopify platform.

  • Oversee all UX strategy, design, and development over BVA

  • Design homepage for CEO approval

  • Sounds True has a goal of becoming B Corp-certified, so accessibility for all is paramount

  • ​The brand story should shine through not only on the homepage but also throughout the entire website

  • Make sure it's obvious we are a publisher and accept author inquiries

  • Modular approach for future agility of marketing, design, and development

  • Run on Shopify 2.0

KeyvisualArtboard 1 copy.jpg
UX/UI Design

Old Website

Homepage & Product Page

Below are images from Sounds True's old website. The homepage lacked brand story about who the company is, what they do, and what they stand for. It was serving as just a storefront. After receiving feedback from customers and performing user testing, it was evident we needed to redesign everything to be more intentional with the brand and make updates to the UI to be more modern.

KeyvisualArtboard 1 copy.jpg
User Experience

Architecture & Wireframing 

Sitemap & Content Matrix

BVA helped to create a sitemap, laying out each page in the domain and what it contains. 



These are the wireframes BVA came up with after our team gave extensive direction and feedback.

KeyvisualArtboard 1 copy.jpg
UX/UI Design

Website Redesign

Final Home & Product Pages

BVA helped create the framework for the site, but it needed a lot of brand love. With this new site structure, my vision was to really hit hard with the brand visuals to better tell our brand story. Not only was it important to feature brand fonts, color palettes, images, and so on, but it was also equally important to have the homepage represent who we are, what we do, and the origins of how Sounds True came to be. Overall, injecting the redesign with all our new branding and content strategy gave us a fresh, modern look suited for our older core demographic but also for our growing demographic of young professionals.

product-pageArtboard 1.jpg
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