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Living Untethered
Premiere Book Campaign

UX/UI Design      Art Direction      Web Design      Graphic Design

Since launching, Michael Singer has landed publicity interviews to talk about Living Untethered with Oprah, Russell Brand, Mayim Bialik, and more


Style Guide, Wireframes, Marketing Funnel, Social Graphics, Video Graphics, Author Webpage


UX/UI Design, Art Direction, Web Design, Graphic Design


Sketch, Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, WordPress, InVision


Michael Singer is an American author, journalist, and motivational speaker coming out with a new book, Living Untethered, in the Spring of 2022. Our role was to align with the trade publisher, New Harbinger, to support and execute a far-reaching national book launch marketing campaign amplified by Michael Singer’s students, fans, and the Sounds True community of +2 Million people.

  • ​Sell 5k pre-orders from the microsite

  • Execute a digital marketing conversion launch strategy that drives pre-orders and sales as well as supports New Harbinger’s efforts to achieve another New York Times Best Seller

  • Create a unique customer engagement via animated/video advertising that shares Mickey’s free teachings and gets Living Untethered: Beyond the Human Predicament into the hands, minds, and hearts of millions of people throughout the world


Book Design & Style Guide

Book Design

The book cover was designed by the publisher New Harbinger. Although there aren't many design elements on the cover, they managed to capture Mickey Singers's brand style in terms of typography, color, imagery, and overall light, spacious feeling. 


Style Guide

Since there weren't a ton of design elements to work with from the cover, I wanted to explore different styles, graphics, textures, colors, and imagery to help support the web experience. I created this style guide to experiment with what could work while still keeping the focus on Mickey's new book.

User Experience

Architecture & Wireframing 

 Opt-in & Thank You Page 

Below are the wireframes for both pages of the website, including desktop, tablet, and mobile views. Once finished, these were passed to stakeholders for review.

Completed Campaign

UI Design & Marketing Assets

Opt-in Page

Below is the final Opt-in page design for desktop, tablet, and mobile. My goal for this site was to highlight the book, have a modern look, and use design elements throughout the page that tied into the book's branding.



We were fortunate enough to receive audio recordings of Mickey reading teachings from his book. These audio snippets really lent themselves to being animated or placed on stock footage from scenes relating to the brand. Historically, ads with movement tend to perform better than static ads. So, the decision to go this route paid off as a single ad averaged around 2k to 11k+ views, which helped get the book more exposure.

Video Trailer

The video trailer featured Mickey introducing the book. So far, the video has received 11k views. I helped create a few graphics for the video.

Sounds True Author Page

Since Mickey has a large product catalog, we decided to create an author page to serve as a hub to point users to learn more about the him and all his product offerings.

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